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          About TDG
          TDG Headquarters Building

          TGD Holdings Co., Ltd.

          Founded in 1984

          TGD owns a number of holding companies and shareholding companies. It is the first domestic listed company controlled by a natural person, and is a national key high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, manufacturing and sales.

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          TDG Culture

          TDG takes global development as its goal, takes the revitalization of China's technology industry as its own responsibility, and strives to innovate and contribute to the society.

          Confidence, sincerity and innovation. Understanding, respect, harmony.

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          TDG Video

          TDG Industry

          Electronic Materials
          TDG has the world's most advanced soft magnetic powder and product intelligent factories, specializing in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of ferrite materials and magnetic cores. It can produce more than 50 types of materials and more than 5,000 specifications.
          Electronic Components
          Provide comprehensive and professional electronic product manufacturing services for world-renowned electronic industry brand customers. The main products include communication systems, computer servers, industrial control, automotive electronics, video security and new energy.
          Intelligent Equipment
          Committed to the technical research and development and process services of intelligent special equipment, the main business covers the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of special equipment such as powder materials and crystal materials.
          • Jiaxing

            Operation Management Headquarters

            Electronic Materials Core Base

            Intelligent equipment core base

            Electronic parts base

            Pan Semiconductor Industrial Park

            Jianshan Electronic Powder Material Base

            Research Institute Management Headquarters

            TDG International Smart Port

          • USA
          • Europe
          • Yinchuan

            Crystal Material Base (Crystal Growth and Fabrication)

          • Shenzhen

            Global Customer Service Center

          • Lu'an

            Electronic material base (manufacturing of soft magnetic components)

          • Xuzhou

            Electronic Materials Base (Chip Technology and Manufacturing)

          • Shanghai

            Investment Management Headquarters

          • Korea
          • Japan

          Looking at the world, leading the industry

          Consolidate the three major industries, optimize the industrial structure, establish their respective industry advantages, and build a world brand.

          TDG News

          Investor Relations

          Investor Relations



          Official Mall

          Official Mall