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          Attract people with careers, and train people with platforms

          Tiantong regards honest and responsible employees who love their jobs as the company's greatest wealth. Adhere to the principles of fairness, justice and openness, emphasize the principle of being promising, having a position, and benefiting, and Tiantong respects knowledge and respects talents, but talents who have meritorious achievements without relocation.

          Shape people with development and motivate people with mechanisms

          Adhere to the people-oriented, employ people's strengths, stimulate personal potential, fully empower the authorization, the company needs to open the way in every mountain, build bridges in the water, narrow roads meet the brave to win, with the spirit of the sword wolf team, the pursuit of employee personality, bold change and innovation and the company's sustainable and steady development of the interaction and unity.

          Talent Strategy
          • 五險一金

          • 周末雙休

          • 學歷津貼

          • 帶薪年假 

          • 人才公寓 

          • 班車接送

          • 節假日福利

          • 定期培訓 

          Join Us

          簡歷可直接投遞至 yhp@tdgcore.com
          Investor Relations

          Investor Relations



          Official Mall

          Official Mall